3D Matrix Screensaver

3D Matrix Screensaver

Replaces the standard screensaver with matrix code

Enhance the aesthetic qualities of your desktop by adding animated screensavers styled after the famous Matrix movie. Three-dimensional green lines of code move from the top of the screen to the bottom while being illuminated against the black background.

Do you remember the movie "The Matrix"? Wouldn't it be interesting to be there? And what would happen if you couldn't come back?
3D Matrix Screensaver will bring the world of the Matrix to your desktop.

But do you remember what the Matrix looked like on a screen? Do you remember that never-ending parade of green numbers?

That is exactly what you will get here, and some more. This unique screensaver will display those well-known green numbers on your screen. But they are not exactly as in the movie. Those were very repetitive.

You will be able to see all the sequence of numbers, but they will move and slant in different ways. The speed will also change, so you will have something to attract your attention.

3D Matrix Screensaver will continue doing this, and suddenly objects and shapes start appearing on your screen. Can this be the interpretation or meaning of all that code?

Probably we will never be able to decipher the code and really understand the Matrix. But you can be sure that your family and colleagues will stop by your computer and start talking about it.

Fernando Soni
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  • Different


  • It can get boring after a while
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